The Radio Unheard

the radio system

Sound design experiments built for and about the format of radio

thanks to Tyler Maxin, Patrick Stoica, Gabe Barcia-Colombo, Micah Loewinger, Miguel Silva, Stefani Bardin, Eric Rosenthal, Dan O'Sullivan, Marina Zurkow, David Rios, Sanniti Pimpley, Jerllin Cheng, Vicci Ho, Ben Gullard, Sharang Biswas, Sara Strouss, and Tyler Smith

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The Radio Unheard is a 7-part radio series in which I design projects highlighting the parts of radio that are not generally heard on the radio, but are experienced in everyday life when you engage with radio. It aired twice weekly on WNYU, NYU’s student-run radio station - as a residency on an experimental music show called Slapstick and as an experimental news specialty show. The show also aired on my former station WREK in Atlanta, GA.

I began this project because I was wondering what it would take to build a radio using the resources directly around me which made me question whether I should even be building radios as well as our use of radio today. My goal is to be able to claim control of my electric environment by breaking open the black boxes companies have saddled us with and remaking my world, however I see fit.

Media should be opened up, misused, and recombined freely.

It's time to stop buying new things whose insides we barely understand and to remake the stuff we have.